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Laser scanning

3D laser scanning is a modern technology for obtaining spatial information about objects. It is a non-contact determination of the spatial coordinates of individual structures with extraordinary speed, accuracy and complexity. The result of laser scanning is a geometrically accurate documentation of the actual state of objects in detail, which is an almost perfect image of reality.

Since 2019, our company has been using a mobile 3D laser scanner with a range of up to 70m and a scanning accuracy of 3mm. We also have modeling software where we can process the measured data exactly according to customers requirements.

The technology can be advantageously used when scanning both outdoor and indoor spaces (pipes, steel structures, tanks, etc.) and in otherwise inaccessible places. Scanning can also be used for earthwork and construction work and for calculating the volumes of simpler and spatially more complex shapes. A big advantage is the creation of 3D documentation of the actual design.

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